A New Year

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I started my New Year’s Eve by cleaning my closet. The closet and the garage are the catch all for the ‘whatevers’ in my life and it was far time to figure out what was in there that needed to go. I ended up cleaning out 4 bags full of old clothes that no longer fit and if I ever do get back to the point of them fitting, I will never want to wear them again. I also found a lot of other miscellaneous things that I had no need for in the first place. A lot of clutter, old clothes, the things I wear all of the time and my treasures (like my blanket that I’ve had since I was 2).

It felt great to make that bold move and actually remove so much clutter from my closet. It was not only good for organization, but it was cleansing to my soul. I no longer feel like there is a looming little room full of ‘stuff’ that will never be of any use to me again just waiting for me to enter it. A crowded little room that I avoided because I didn’t want to deal with all of the junk inside.

I now get to start the new year with a sensible little walk in closet where everything has a place and one that I intend to keep filled with a reasonable amount of things that have frequent use to me.

I have never been one to make resolutions on New Year’s. I see the purpose and I know that a new year brings that new beginning that so many of us desperately need, but I have never been one to make promises to myself or others based on the time of year or just because everyone else is doing it. Resolutions are too easily broken. Why start a new year on a promise or goal that I give up on after a few weeks?

I do however like to use the beginning of a new year to reflect. Because so much happens in a year. And if you’re like me, the years seem to fly by faster the older I get.

At the beginning of 2014, I felt a compelling urge to live my life in a way that was bold and fearless. I felt God’s strong urging to see beyond the physical and to push past the distractions and look at what really mattered. Time is short. People are very important. Relationships are so important and my purpose here on earth is not to please myself and seek the next great thing to make me happy. My true purpose is to love God, love others and seek Him and his purpose beyond all else.

I continue to feel God’s urging to seek Him in this very fallen world and to give constant and fearless love to those He has placed in my life. To love without judgment and to live selflessly. But I also feel the urge to live simple. To fill my life with… life. Instead of stuff.

Many of us live in a dream world here in America. We live where things are big and cheap and quickly attained. We live with in a false reality that the more stuff we have the better we feel and the more important we are. But that’s all a distraction from reality. Because the less I have, the better I feel.

The focus also comes down to time. How I spend my time will determine how I fill my soul and has a direct impact on my attitude and my perspective. I hope to spend much more of my time exploring God’s creation. Hiking, fishing, camping, bike riding and traveling. All of these things fill the soul and all of these things are a wonderful way to reconnect with my family. What better way to worship God than to spend time in His creation? Wilderness, and the outdoors, have rejuvenating qualities and I’ve known this since I was a child, but work and raising a family have drawn me away from the things I love. I truly intend to reconnect with the simplicity of the outdoors more in the following year.

I am looking forward to 2015. I look forward to growth, new opportunities and seeing God work miracles in the small things making them big things. I am very excited to see how He grows our business and hopeful for another full and busy year. I look forward to seeing the changes in my children as they grow in mind and spirit and to spend another joyful year with my best friend, my husband.  I know it will not always be easy, and that troubles will most likely strike, but along with trials come growth. And when I choose to see God in every situation, burdens are lifted and life truly begins. Live simple, Worship my Jesus and Love those He’s put in my life. What better way to begin a new year 🙂