Schools out already?!

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We have made it to the end of another school year. It’s been a good year. No, it’s been a fantastic year! I have seen growth in my son that has exceeded all previous years in his schooling career. He has accomplished so much in this school year and continues to progress steadily. Most importantly, he has made friends. Real honest to goodness friends! What a year indeed.

In the past, it has been difficult to watch them grow. Once they started school the years have seemed to fly by and I have found myself clinging to them. Wishing that these moments could last longer. Mourning over the years that are now a memory, knowing that I’ll never get to relive any of those ages again. It has always been so sad to watch them move on.

But not this year. This year has been different. I have watched my son push past his barriers and learn to read! He’s started to take responsibility for himself socially. He’s embraced his ability to be seen as a role model to the younger students in his class. He has willingly fought through things that are hard for him like math, writing and sitting still in class and listening. He’s also earned his brown belt in karate and he’s made his very first best friend. I have seen so much growth in such a short amount of time. His social awareness has grown tremendously and although he still has a long road ahead of him, he is finally headed in the right direction.

My sweet little girl has had the best school year of her life. I’ve seen her grow in her gift to be friendly and welcoming to all who come her way. I’ve listened to her tell me about her awesome day at school learning about penguins, ecosystems, science and art. She’s also earned an award for being the most studious student in her class and received multiple compliments from her teacher for listening, following directions and staying on task. She’s an amazing student, caring friend and my little treasure. Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious as is her love for friends, family and animals. She’s also patiently waited for us to finally enroll her in dance and was able to learn her routines quickly enough to join in her first recital!

This year I don’t feel like I’m letting go of my little babies. I feel like I’ve been introduced to two new strong, capable, growing, amazing little people. Two little people who are learning a little bit more every day who they are and who they want to become. And I love it! I love hearing how excited they are about their day at school and how they look forward to going back the next day! We can have real conversations, like people. We can enjoy a lot of the same things and we can do more as a family. They are funny, interesting and creative. I absolutely love seeing them grow into themselves. The process has been a long tiring one and it will continue to have its challenges, but there is something rewarding knowing that even though they are growing up, they are becoming who they are meant to be.

I’m so proud of both of them. They have earned their summer break and they have another bright school year ahead of them in the fall. And I am realizing that although what I’ve had to say good-bye too is precious, that what we are entering into as a family is invaluable! These are the times that they will remember when they are grown. These are the memories that they will hold with them when they are my age and beyond. The future is theirs and it’s a wide open journey that we will explore together! Enjoy your summer!

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